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Structural Timber

Ensure sustainable structural timber by prioritizing certified, locally sourced wood from responsibly managed forests, supporting reforestation, and minimizing waste. Consider environmentally friendly preservatives, recognize timber's carbon sequestration role, and advocate for policies supporting sustainable forestry practices, collectively promoting responsible and sustainable construction practices.

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BEEB™ Solar Canopies & Structures

The BEEB™ is a solar canopy system in structures for commercial, and public infrastructure -bus shelters, parking canopies and solar charging EV-Stations. altPlus solutions reduce the carbon footprint & improve the health, wellbeing & efficiency of our buildings & spaces while improving our everyday surroundings.
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LVB™ Structural Composite Lumber

We use the most useful, rapidly renewable resource in the world, to improve life on earth. The altPlus LVB™ structural composite lumber is extremely versatile, that has a high load-bearing capacity combined with slim dimensions making it suitable for large spans. The lumber also has exceptional surface quality and is locally sourced and made from rapidly renewable raw material. altPlus LVB™delivers the highest performance in engineered bamboo structure systems and the sustainability leadership for a new generation of architectural products.
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