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T3 Architects - Dreamplex Office Building


T3 ARCHITECTS designed the new Dreamplex Office Building located in Saigon, renovating an existing building (a kind of 'solar oven') with the challenge to propose the “Office of the Future” to offer a “better Day at Work”.

As an office of the new era, the client and T3 understand people are not always in the same mood at work, so the main intention was to start to consider what employees are expecting from their working space and offer them the best, with many different options to adapt to their mood of the day: need of concentration, need of inspiration, need of meeting people, need of calm and comfort… So, this Flexi-office building proposes more than 10 different working environments.

It was essential to bring 'good vibes' from the first moment users enter the building, with a reception like a nice resort, a direct connection with the tropical garden, natural tones, loose furniture, locally-sourced materials, where possible, that are bio-sourced in Vietnam: bamboo, lime plastering, solid wood, local stone and plants from southern Vietnam.

Then, the additional concept was to emphasize the idea that the building is located in Vietnam and in Thao Dien ward, and get a strong feeling of the village’s lifestyle with all facilities around, providing views of the surroundings and with a tropical feeling (trees, ceiling fans, garden).

T3 worked in collaboration with energy efficiency engineers (Artelia) to make the building truly sustainable by performing several actions:

  • To keep the main structure of the existing building (grey energy saving).
  • To create a tropical garden by breaking the outdoor existing concrete slab, bringing back the natural and permeable soil, adding new trees and plants, allowing rainwater to go through it to minimize common flooding issues it that area.
  • To reduce air-conditioning spaces, adding big sliding doors for the ground floor to create a connection with the exterior garden and maximizing the air circulation with strategically located ceiling fans.
  • To add a double-ventilated facade in bamboo which is an efficient sun protection and keeps the main walls cool improving the energy savings, moreover we added some horizontal and vertical louvers specifically designed for each orientation/facade to reduce over lighting and improve the comfort of customers.
  • To limit as much as possible the use of industrial materials, chemicals and plastics to improve interior air quality.
  • To well insulate the roof slab to avoid overheating and save energy.
  • Finally, the lighting was designed by Kobi Studio in collaboration from the concept design stage to get a part of WELL standards and increase both comfort to customers, proper work conditions, and value for the Client.