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Landscape Finishes

Landscape Finishes

Landscape finishes encompass environmentally conscious materials and design choices for outdoor spaces, emphasizing minimal environmental impact. This approach often involves using permeable pavers to reduce runoff, native plants to conserve water and support local ecosystems, and recycled or reclaimed materials to minimize resource consumption and waste. 

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Echo Hardscape

Ground-level patios are in need of the same flat and permeable walking surfaces that we tested and engineered into our rooftop terraces and gardens. Simply lay our 2’x2’x3” thick Echo Flow blocks on level ground in multiple layers to begin. They are bonded together with beads of foam adhesive creating a monolithic and permeable slab that you can drive a truck on and will last…forever.
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Echo Rooftop Terrace and Garden

Ease of design comes standard with our permeable and flat, rooftop terrace and garden assemblies. Overburden options include IPE Ironwood, artificial turf, paver tile and growing media with a 3” minimum soil depth. Just provide our approved contractors with a flat, bare slab of concrete or a steel deck and they will take it from there. Planter walls are built with our own lightweight, permeable blocks as part of our Echo Terrace system and concrete topping slabs are never required.
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