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GreenA Consultants

GreenA Consultants is an award-winning sustainability consultancy and value engineering firm established in Singapore since 2009. From certifying green buildings to strategizing sustainability plans, GreenA Consultants was created to help organizations achieve their sustainability goals. We provide consultancy in the areas of Green Reporting and Certification Advisory; Environmental Studies and Protocol Development; Sustainability System Integration; Energy and Environmental Audits. Our projects range from zero-energy landed homes to positive-energy buildings.


We are committed to creating a more sustainable world. We come in to help create sustainable buildings and cities that are made to last. We are committed to always look for better ways and materials to work with. We weave in fresh ideas with solutions that have been proven time and again to work and provide practical solutions to design with both immediate and long-term added value for our clients. Through our advocacy for sustainability, we’ve banded cross continental government institutions and like-minded organizations together with the mission of building climate resilience through economic partnership. Since 2014, we have been forming alliances with the shared purpose of sustainable growth through collaborative projects to scale economic diversity.

At GreenA Consultants, we are committed to reducing our negative environmental impacts in both our working operations and our projects. We aim to attain zero-carbon emission for our office and future work. Here are some of our demonstrated commitment towards the environment. GreenA Consultants has endorsed the World Green Building Council’s Call To Action statement for Net Zero Buildings towards total decarbonization of the sector; for people, planet, communities. We are aiming to target zero-carbon emission for our office operations and ongoing projects. We have also taken the “Pledge for a better Built Environment Workplace” by BCA Singapore