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Kragelj Arhitekti - Si.mobil HQ

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Kragelj recently finished a total overhaul of Si.mobil HQ building in Ljubljana; a project designed, planned, and managed for Slovenia’s second-largest mobile phone operator. The project started with a Workplace Potential analysis to gain an insight into company’s operational practices and to fuel design strategies later on.

Prior to the revamp, the four-story, 4,000m2 headquarter building bucked at Si.mobil’s growing pains. At 350 employees, the company faced the difficult decision of whether to stay and redesign (in) its at-capacity building, or abandon and either rent, buy or build.

With the prerequisite Workplace Potential research (WPP), Kragelj analyzed building documents, organizational structure and processes, plus employee survey results, and married this with observational research. WPP findings allowed Si.mobil leadership to clearly understand the financial impact of upgrading the existing building, compared to the costs of alternative options. The choice-to relocate, build, or redesign-became transparently clear.

In the at-capacity building, distractions were high, impacting employee efficiency and productivity and, consequently, Si.mobil’s performance. The building offered few creative spaces, almost no acoustic privacy, high stress levels, poor air quality, excessive heat or cold, insufficient daylight, and non-ergonomic, uncomfortable seating. Physical barriers were common, preventing the necessary ebb and flow of a creative, productive environment.

Kragelj designed modern and flexible workspaces that efficiently support four main work modes: individual work, learning, collaborating and socializing. Workstation count elevated by 10%, allowing for new hires and more comfort; a mere five meeting rooms changed to 16; zero creative areas became eight, all while removing clutter, rationalizing the floor layouts, knocking down walls and replacing with glass partitions, and removing one third of the unnecessary private offices.

Throughout the project, Kragelj implemented a comprehensive change management strategy, informing employees about the progress of the upgrade and encouraging new ways of working for better team and individual productivity. They monitored costs throughout planning and implementation, and utilized tight negotiation tactics to allow for the highest quality products and services at the best prices.

With each alteration, Kragelj stayed on schedule, without a delay or a problem-almost unheard of with a project of this size. Most importantly, Kragelj created an environment that reflects Si.mobil’s core values and unique corporate culture.