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Junglefy - Yerrabingin Indigenous Rooftop Farm

Yerrabingin Indigenous Rooftop Farm Banner

The Yerrabingin Rooftop Farm at the South Eveleigh precinct is the result of a collaboration with Mirvac and Indigenous cultural start-up, Yerrabingin. The innovative farm concept blends sustainability with cultural education and social benefits. The farm was designed to provide a revenue stream through the sale of native plants, medicinal herbs and traditional ‘bush tucker’ food while also creating an opportunity for learning on Indigenous culture and permaculture methods. Central to the ethos of Yerrabingin, the farm aims to foster career pathways by employing Indigenous staff to work on the farm. This multi-faceted enterprise sets a new benchmark for sustainable precincts and demonstrates the possibilities for the future of urban farming and food production.

Our Role

Junglefy were engaged to provide design advice and construct the green roof. Our expertise in green roofs and urban farms ensured seamless construction of the rooftop garden.

Key Innovation

Based on the unique requirements of the Australian native species grown at the farm and the climatic conditions of a rooftop space, Junglefy developed a custom growing mix for this urban food farm. The growing media mix has been tested at the Junglefy nursery and successfully used onsite at other green roof projects.