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Levi's Australia


What do Levi's and Hydrowood have in common? The Future. Hydrowood has entered the world of fashion, with our timber used as the key material to create a sustainable shop for Levi’s Australia.  

Conscious Shopping
Sustainability. It’s a big word that gets thrown around a lot. But how does it affect what you choose to buy and whom you choose to buy it from? A great deal, apparently. Recent research by Mastercard revealed that more than half (57%) of Australians are mindful of their impact on the environment, especially since Covid. Three in five Aussies believe that businesses should behave in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way. So much so, that a quarter of Gen Z’s plan to stop buying from brands who do not demonstrate a plan for the environment. Consumers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products, according to a report by BDO Australia. This has encouraged companies to integrate sustainability goals into their business strategy. 

High in the Fashion Stakes 
One retailer who not only listened to their consumers but has taken action is Levi’s Australia. At the end of 2020, Levi’s Australia launched their concept store - Sustainability Shop in Shop - in partnership with David Jones. The aim was to create an environmentally-friendly space to showcase the Levi’s sustainable fashion range. “The new retail concept is a physical representation of our ongoing commitment to craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability,” says Paul Sweet, Managing Director for Levi Strauss & Co. The team at Levi’s wanted to take their sustainable range of clothing to the next level and showcase it in an environmentally-friendly space.

On Trend
This is where Hydrowood stepped in. Being sustainably sourced and recovered timber with a positive carbon reduction, local industrial designer Jaron Dickson, carefully crafted our timber into custom structures, furniture, shelving and signage to fit out the shop. “In order to minimise the environmental impact of the building process, the structures use water-based products for gluing and finishings, with most wood shavings given away in order to minimise any waste,” says Jaron. It’s a show stopper. And many customers comment on the choice of material. With its clean lines and timber walls, the space feels natural and authentic. Which fits in perfectly with the Levi’s collection.

It's in the Jeans 
The ‘Shop in Shop’ is home to Levi’s Made & Crafted, Wellthread™, and a number of other collections which also incorporate sustainability through either the design or production process. These include material and technology innovations like Cottonised Hemp, Tencel x Refibra and F.L.X. Levi’s is committed to sustainable cotton production processes with the Better Cotton Initiative, and ensuring a sustainable supply chain with the Worker Wellbeing program. Garments are displayed on 100% recyclable Arch & Hook BLUE hangers. These hangers are the  world’s first hanger made from Marine Plastics which have been collected from the world’s five most polluted rivers. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Levi’s on this sustainability initiative,” says Bridget Veals, David Jones, General Manager Womenswear, Footwear and Accessories. “David Jones is committed to considering new ways of doing business to support a transition to the low-carbon and circular economy of the future,” says Bridget. 

Sustainability Sells 
Wise retailers are listening to their customers. Because failing to put sustainability at the heart of their decision-making could result in losing to competitors. Both Levi’s Australia and Hydrowood have a focus on sustainably-sourced, low-carbon products and eco-friendly materials, offering consumers a conscious and sustainable way to shop. This is the key to future marketing and sales trends. And it’s something that will never go out of fashion. Check out the Levi’s Sustainability Shop in Shop located in David Jones, Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne.