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Cubicle Systems

Sustainable cubicle dividers are partitions designed for open office spaces that have a focus on environmental responsibility. They can be made from materials that are recycled or biodegradable like reclaimed wood, bamboo, or natural fibres, reducing waste and lowering resource demand. Incorporating living plants, modular designs, and durable construction techniques further enhance their sustainability as well as create a biophilic working environment. These dividers promote a healthier work environment, minimize environmental impact, and contribute to a productive and eco-conscious workspace.

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Copenhagen Green Stand

If you need a new and original green stand space you can ask us. You can ask for a project or order a customized project of yours and we will make it possible!
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Manaus Wall

The Manaus Wall is a product that can be applied in many different ways such as, space dividers, half walls, TV units, back of sofa bases, co-work hub or any other item that you can think of!
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Olissipo Half-Wall

This product can be turned into study cubicles in a library, working spaces in offices and exhibition areas in an event.
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Pompeii Co-Work Hub

This product can be built into a Co-work hub but can also be built into a workshop space, a space divisor, a half wall or anything else you can come up with!
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Q Pod

Enjoy a biophilic sensory experience within the calming surrounds of the Q Pod.
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