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Natural Wool Insulation

Natural Wool Insulation

When it comes to insulating our homes, businesses or vehicles, we often think of the traditional materials such as fibreglass or foam. However, there is a natural option that offers a range of benefits that are hard to match by any other material. Natural wool insulation, supplied by Havelock Wool on Planitree, offers a fast, easy, and safe installation with no special protective clothing required. 

This insulation is made with 100% raw wool, which is a renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable material. Additionally, the manufacturing process is uniquely simple and involves repurposed carding machines, electric motors, needle punches, and simple cutting stations. This minimizes the use of energy and reduces the overall carbon footprint of the insulation.

Furthermore, Havelock Wool insulation has no synthetic mix or chemical binders, which means that there is no off-gassing of harmful chemicals. This is especially important for people who are sensitive to synthetic materials or have respiratory issues. Wool is also naturally self-extinguishing and has a class A rating for Fire Resistance and Smoke Development, which makes it a safe choice for homes and buildings.

Another aspect of sustainability that Havelock Wool insulation offers is passive air filtration. The amino acids in wool bond with harmful chemicals, which can help to improve the air quality in your home or building. This natural process is an added benefit that is not found in traditional insulation materials.

Finally, when it comes to the end of its useful life, wool insulation can be composted. This means that it is a truly sustainable material that can be recycled and repurposed, minimizing waste and reducing its impact on the environment.

In summary, Havelock Wool insulation is a natural and sustainable option for insulation that offers a range of benefits such as improved indoor air quality, moisture management, sound absorption, and high R-Value. It is also a safe and easy-to-install material that is class A rated for Fire Resistance and Smoke Development. The sustainability aspects of this material are hard to match, making it a responsible choice for any building or home improvement project.

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