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Drees & Sommer SE

Untere Waldplätze, Stuttgart, Germany

As Europe’s leading consulting, planning and project management enterprise, Drees & Sommer has supported private and public clients and investors for over 50 years in all aspects of real estate and infrastructure – both analog and digital. Through future-oriented consulting, the real estate consulting company offers solutions for successful buildings, high-return portfolios, powerful infrastructure and livable cities. The company’s 3,820 employees across 46 locations around the world work in interdisciplinary teams to provide support for clients from a wide variety of sectors. All the services provided by the partner-run company take into consideration both economic and ecological concerns. Drees & Sommer calls this holistic approach ‘the blue way’.
Vendor Type: Consultant
Ecolution Consulting

14 Clarendon Road, Mowbray, Cape Town, South Africa

We are Ecolution Consulting Green Building Consultants and Sustainability Consultants who provide expert insights, solutions and consulting services. Our solutions focus on sustainability, and the holistic benefit it provides. This includes financial profitability, operational efficiency, brand exposure and trust.
Vendor Type: Consultant
Green Moves Australia

East Brighton VIC 3187 Australia

Green Moves provides the residential and commercial sectors with a selection of sustainability services that are designed to minimise energy costs and reduce environmental impact. We are specialists in the built environment. We provide totally independent advice and guidance on energy efficiency, carbon reduction and sustainability. Residential services include working with home owners, builders, designers and developers to make homes efficient, improve Residential Efficiency Scorecard ratings, and energy auditing. Commercial services include energy auditing to AS3598:2014 standards, carbon inventories and sustainability policies and guidance.
Vendor Type: Consultant
GreenA Consultants

Pemimpin Drive, One Pemimpin, #08-01 Singapore 576151

GreenA Consultants is an award-winning sustainability consultancy and value engineering firm established in Singapore since 2009. From certifying green buildings to strategizing sustainability plans, GreenA Consultants was created to help organizations achieve their sustainability goals. We provide consultancy in the areas of Green Reporting and Certification Advisory; Environmental Studies and Protocol Development; Sustainability System Integration; Energy and Environmental Audits. Our projects range from zero-energy landed homes to positive-energy buildings.
Vendor Type: Consultant
Karie Soehardi Consultancy

Annandale NSW Australia

The way the world thinks about design, production and consumption has changed forever. The way forward is towards a circular economy. Karie Soehardi Consultancy, adds value to the interiors market by helping designers, manufacturers, retailers and importers redefine systems in their organisations, and how they can make their products and services sustainably. Sustainable Planning. Circular Design. Carbon Zero Projects. Green Supply Chain.
Vendor Type: Consultant