The Big Desk

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The Big Desk

Put an end to disposable furniture with our rock solid flat-pack desk, sustainably grown in Australia, and built to last – a beautiful big place to work on your next big idea.


The Big Desk is big enough to think clearly & create freely at 164cm wide and 80cm deep. It’s standard desk height though (which is 73cm) – don’t worry, we didn’t build a desk just for giants!

'The Ecosium Big Desk ticked so many boxes for me: eco-friendly, bigger than the average desk, aesthetically pleasing (I find the natural wood tones quite calming actually), versatile, sturdy, long-lasting, and not 'over-the-top' expensive. I love the natural look, solid feel and spaciousness of the desk'. Dee E. South Australia

The Big Desk comes with four movable holders (2 big ones, 2 little ones) for your backpack, headphones, etc so you can start each day with a big clean clutter-free workspace :)

A secret shelf to keep things tidy. No cords or power bricks on the floor means you can’t get tangled up in power cord spaghetti! Plus, you can hide away any unsightly modems or external drives.

'It’s been beautifully designed and extremely well built. It’s clear that there has been a lot of thought put into this; from the hooks on the side to hang headphones and other items, a beautifully bevelled edge that borders the entire desk'. Eric B. VIC

100% Recyclable Packaging. 0% Plastic. – Our Big Desk is packaged with 100% recyclable paper and cardboard packaging. Even our tape and packaging labels are paper-based and 100% recyclable.

90-Second Assembly. No tools, no screws, no headaches. The flat-pack desk is designed so every-piece is reversible, so you can put it together way you like – no confusing multi-page manuals required!

It’s Beautifully THICK. Made from 25mm (1 inch) thick sustainably-grown Australian Hoop Pine Plywood, this desk is rock solid and will stay that way for years to come.

Unique Flippable Top = Double the Life! Surface looking a bit tired? Simply flip the top over and your desk will look good as new – no need to buy a new one!

Our beautiful Hoop Pine timber is a native Australian species grown in domestic plantations in southeast Queensland. Our timber is PEFC and FSC® certified and is rated Super E0 by EWPAA, the lowest VOC emission rating obtainable. The unique design of our furniture utilises over 95% of a standard sheet of ply, resulting in absolute minimal material waste. By maximising material usage and minimising waste, the customer gets a stronger, more durable product, and less material ends up in landfill. Our products are packaged with 100% recyclable paper and cardboard packaging, and 0% plastic. Even our tape and packaging labels are paper-based and 100% recyclable.

• The Big Desk measures 164cm wide, 80cm deep and 73cm tall.
• Made from 25mm (1") Australian Hoop Pine sourced from renewable plantations and PEFC and FSC® certified.
• Finished with Rubio Monocoat 2C and OSMO PolyX safe and natural oils
• Packaging is 100% recyclable paper and cardboard
• This item is shipped in 3 separate cartons, 2 minutes of assembly required (tool free assembly)