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Shredded Tire

With international patents in place, we are now producing 93%, recycled construction blocks from tire shreds and waste cements to substitute lumber, steel and concrete in commercial and residential construction. Echo Blocks are used for permeable hardscapes, roof terraces, green roofs and for replacing wood blocking in roof systems. Currently undergoing certified testing at a Miami Dade test lab to build hurricane shelter rated housing. These blocks save trees and reduce the number of tires that are sent to the landfill or incinerated for fuel at cement plants. It may be called carbon capture or even carbon sequestration; we just call it common sense.


Shredded Tire Inc. is dedicated to providing innovative green solutions in roofing and building materials. Using recycled passenger tires and waste cements, our products achieve 87-93% post-consumer recycled content and provide substantial carbon emission offsets by saving trees, preventing tires from being burned, and reducing the use and transportation of traditional, carbon-heavy construction materials.

Over 500 million waste tires are burned for fuel every year, and millions more are converted to products that will ultimately end up in the landfills or polluting our environment. Encasing tire shreds in our cement blend creates an inert material that can last for hundreds of years and ultimately be recycled again and again into new Shredded Tire products. Re-use, Resilience, Longevity, Circularity… these are the attributes of true Sustainability, and the cornerstones of our product lines.

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Echo Coping Block

To complement the Echo Edge Blocking standard of (-300 psf) wind uplift and (Class A) fire ratings, we followed that same high standard with Echo Coping Blocks. With this addition, ShreddedTire has succeeded in replacing the need for ALL LUMBER in commercial low slope roofing.
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Echo Edge Block

Roof blow offs from high winds typically begin at the edge of the roof. The edge receives the most impact from a wind event so even if your roof is designed to resist high wind, your edge metal and blocking, typically are not. When it fails, it will take your expensive roof with it. The Echo Edge team set out to create an industry standard first, then prove it could be done with a 87% recycled product, second.
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Echo Hardscape

Ground-level patios are in need of the same flat and permeable walking surfaces that we tested and engineered into our rooftop terraces and gardens. Simply lay our 2’x2’x3” thick Echo Flow blocks on level ground in multiple layers to begin. They are bonded together with beads of foam adhesive creating a monolithic and permeable slab that you can drive a truck on and will last…forever.
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Echo Rooftop Terrace and Garden

Ease of design comes standard with our permeable and flat, rooftop terrace and garden assemblies. Overburden options include IPE Ironwood, artificial turf, paver tile and growing media with a 3” minimum soil depth. Just provide our approved contractors with a flat, bare slab of concrete or a steel deck and they will take it from there. Planter walls are built with our own lightweight, permeable blocks as part of our Echo Terrace system and concrete topping slabs are never required.
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