Equity Crowdfunding

The threat of climate change means we need to transition to a net zero economy as fast as possible. But our buildings are 39% of the problem - we need to build greener, faster.

Planitree was founded to make it easy for professional specifiers and everyday consumers to find and buy the best green building products from anywhere in the world.

Planitree seeks to offer global choices delivered at no cost to the planet through carbon-offset. So in that regard Planitree is a very good news story - an innovative platform where each one of us can choose to be part of the solution through conscious, sustainable design choices. By choosing green we make a global and lasting difference. We are are designing for life.

And we're making it convenient. Picture adding a recycled plastic chair from Copenhagen and a tin of toxin-free paint from Melbourne into a single online shopping cart, with freight, taxes and duties pre-calculated in your currency. Click to pay and your carbon-neutral delivery is on its way and your transaction will also plant a tree.

We’re putting this out to fundraise in mid- 2021 because we want to scale for global impact. With resources for sales and support teams, Planitree will be able to onboard suppliers from anywhere, and make their sustainable products and services available to consumers and professional buyers everywhere. That's a lot of carbon cut from the built environment and a lot of trees planted. 

Drop us a line at investors@planitree.com if you'd like to know more.

Our video is here: https://youtu.be/UZEIdqUNsaw 

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