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FytoArbour is an ultra-lightweight suspended garden with endless options and beauty.

Fytogreen’s “living beam” brings an amazing WOW FACTOR, and is ideal for greening open spaces both internally or externally.

The FytoArbour module system is a self-contained hydroponic garden that can be suspended or mounted above the ground. It has a dedicated automated irrigation and fertigation system.

The outstanding advantage of the system is not having plants growing up from the base of the structure as with traditional arbours and pergolas which normally takes up valuable floor space just where you need it.

FytoArbour is a sustainable living beam that brings the beauty of nature indoors. It allows for plant life to liven up an area while not taking up too much space. Encourages both the growth of plants and the aesthetic of buildings.

- Lightweight - Fully saturated weight 25kg LM (130mm x 200mm module) 

- Large species range 

- Cost-effective Greening without compromising on space 

- Over 20 cascading species available to suit your desired aesthetic 

- Suitable for flowering species 

- Bespoke sizes available