American Hickory Flooring

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American Hickory Flooring
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American Hickory is a popular wood species to use for flooring.
It can come in a variety of flooring types, styles and colours.

The Amerian Hickory is a great flooring choice that can come in a selection of flooring types. For example, it can be a solid wood flooring, multilayered or 3 layered flooring. It can also come in a selection of different cuts and styles, such as, long board, chevron and herringbone. This wooden flooring is sustainably sourced The filler that was used was live knot natural putty, dead knot natural putty, surface cracks natural putty. The moisture level of the floor boards is 6-10%. As well as having different cuts they can have different colours and finsihes such as hand scarped, light brushed and having a UV lacquer.

Our North American Hickory wood has an FSC certification meaning that our wood is sustainably sourced and can give you confidence that you are shopping responsibly. Our North American Maple wood also has an E0 rating relating to formaldehyde emissions.


Depending on the type of flooring and the cut that has been selected the sizes and weights will vary. For the solid hardwood flooring, its specifications are 18x90x300~1200mm.